• Data

    We specialize in Data: Extraction, Analysis, and Execution

  • Speed

    Our cloud-based application platform ensures buttery-smooth connections to any of our products and applications.

  • Finance

    Our expertise in Blockchain technology allows us to deliver innovative solutions to ensure financial security.

  • Education

    Our Educational Management Platform serves as a cost-effective textbook replacement and efficient classroom data aggregator.

Our Latest Innovation

Integrating Blockchain Technology with Cryptocurrency-backed Derivatives

We currently apply blockchain technology to emulate a clearing house: the over-the-counter nature of cryptocurrency-backed derivatives requires a tangible verification method, and a Blockchain is the most feasible way to verify funds between us, the derivative seller, and the entity being insured.


Recent Application Portfolio


A mobile-focused educational management platform in current use at the University of Washington, EZ-Rads ensures effective and efficient content delivery of course materials, saving the hassle and expense of paper course-packets.

Extemp Box

Primarily used by extemporaneous speakers, Extemp Box's advanced sorting algorithms allow for automatic retrieval of relevant articles based on questionary input. Contact us below for software licensing.

P.K Fund Analysis

An investment-algorithm in a whole new class of product, the P.K. Fund Algorithm specializes in the largely untapped and innovative cryptocurrency-backed swap and derivative markets. P.K. Funds' innovative implementation of blockchain technology lead to the algorithm outperforming the market for the past three fiscal quarters.